No more “symbolic interviews” in the future

Sandy Alomar

The age has led the Indians to a record 28-18 and a playoff career as acting manager this season, but it is unclear if the 54-year-old will have the opportunity to be appointed to manage a team on a full-time basis.

Either way, Omar has made it clear that he’s not interested in an interview just so the team can check the box, something he feels has happened to him previously.

“I’ve had interviews in the past, three or four interviews, and some of them were last-minute interviews when I didn’t feel like I got a chance to go to a second interview,” said Age before the Indians: “I have had interviews 10-9 for the Yankees.

“Some of the interviews, for me, were symbolic interviews,” said Omar, who fills in the place of Terry Francona, who missed much of the short regular season due to health problems.

He didn’t specify what jobs she was for, but Al-Ammar interviewed Cubs, Blue Jays, and Red Sox nearly a decade ago before taking on Manny Acta’s position as interim manager in Cleveland to end the 2012 season before hiring Francona. Age is back as coach on the bench.

Al-Ammar, who played and coached for the Mets, was also in a mix of his managerial job in 2017, but the job went to Mickey Callaway.

“I feel ready enough to run things,” said Al-Omar. “I never agreed with the interview process. [Being called] At the last minute, I didn’t feel comfortable about it. “

Old Sandy
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Omar mocked the idea that a lack of experience in the hideout might have hurt him in some of his early interviews.

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“I felt I had a lot of experience before,” said Al-Omar. “I’ve played 20 years in the major leagues. I haven’t been in the NFL. I’m measuring sounding and all that stuff. I’m on top of it all too.”

He’s not holding his breath for another shot.

“I understand you have to go through the process, I see.” Omar said, “My daughter is now in high school. I don’t need the job. ”“ If someone interested calls, we will talk. I am not promoting myself. In other words, I have no hidden agenda. “

Team Yankees got their wish not to have to show JA Happ on Thursday night at Wild-Card 3. The Yankees planned to travel to San Diego Thursday morning after winning twice in a row from the Indians and progressing to ALDS.

The best ALDS opens Monday at Petco Park and if Aaron Boone sticks to the same plan he had against the Indians, Happ is likely to start Game 3 on Wednesday. Gerrit Cole and Masahiro Tanaka will act in the first two matches.

Hub had an entitlement option for $ 17 million for 2021 based on making 25 starts or subtracts of 165 rounds this season. As the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a 60-game schedule, it’s broken down into 10 starts, or 61 scores / runs. The veteran left-wing started nine matches in the regular season and dumped 49¹ / innings.

Despite being healthy, Hap was only started three times from August 5th to August 29th.

When asked on August 25 whether he thought the lack of activity might be related to the entitlement option, Hub said, “Hey guys. [in the media] very smart. It doesn’t take much to know, kind of, what might happen. “

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Hap chose not to discuss the situation recently.

In a triple run from July 30 to August 16, Hub went 1-1 with 6.39 ERs and allowed 10 walks and hit six in 12 ² / innings. Bewildering was the fact that hitters struck 0.217 against him during that time.

Providing more regular work in the Bonn rotation down the stretch, Hap went 1-1 with 2.22 eras, knocked out 27 and issued four walks in four starts to close the regular season.

With the entitlement option uncut, Hub will join James Paxton and Tanaka as free agents after the World Series.

Matt Blake, the Yankees coach, worked for the Indians from 2016 to 2019 and held a number of positions, most recently as Director of Promotional Development.

So, did Boone go to Blake for info on the pitchers heading for the Wild Card series?

“I definitely leaned on him to get some information and some things,” Boone said of his novice shooting coach. “He kind of gave me some context about the starting shooters that were around him and some of their lodgings.” “ But along with the scouts who have been watching these guys for two weeks now, plus the analytical information, we get all added up and you feel you have a pretty good idea of ​​an opponent. ”

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