No FGR Pegasus Uninstalled, INAI Reveals

No FGR Pegasus Uninstalled, INAI Reveals

Mexico. – The National Institute for Transparency and Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) announced that the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic (FGRTell him that since the investigation into the illegal use of malware is still open winged horse, it was not possible to uninstall it.

And according to what was revealed on the micro-site “Before Public Opinion”, the independent body revealed that after determining the verification file, the FGR began obtaining personal information from journalists, activists and political figures. He indicated that the investigation file in this regard is still pending.

He explained that he “cannot put in place procedures and/or techniques to uninstall the Pegasus software, as this would be contrary to, and contrary to, the procedures Public Prosecution“.

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INAI noted that on February 20, 2029, a Verification File Decision, INAI, 3S.07.01-007/2018 was issued, ordering the FGR to comply with various measures, which in essence consist of formally certifying the uninstallation of the NSO Group company’s system from any device in possession of Independent Authority.

In the document, the authority instructed the FGR to detail “the policies, methods, and techniques that explain the uninstallation of the Pegasus system and demonstrate that it is not possible to install it again on any device in its possession.”

Likewise, it will have to issue documents through which it has instructed its administrative units to adopt measures to protect the databases created by the program.

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In response, on April 4, 2019, the FGR announced that it had instructed its administrative units to implement measures to protect personal data.

But she indicated that the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Freedom of Expression had opened an investigation file (FED / SDHPDSC / UNAI-CDMX / 0000430/2017), through which Unlawful interference with communications, so it was not possible to proceed with the malware removal.

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