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Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector

With Mario Kart DS, Nintendo began its online offensive in 2005, at that time under the name Nintendo wifi connection. However, at that time, routers were still not widely used in Europe, and modern smartphones, for example, did not yet exist. In order to give as many fans as possible the opportunity to play online, the group published a file Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connectorallowing you to easily connect your Nintendo DS and Wii to the Internet.

Now, many years later, Nintendo has published a support article that warns against using a USB Stick today because it uses weak WEP encryption and also has other security vulnerabilities. The curious thing is that the stick only works with Windows XP and Vista and is not compatible with newer systems. Also, the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection hasn’t been around for many years, so you can only use it to access the Internet and the Wii Store channel. Nintendo also advises against using nintendo wifi network adapter to use. This only appeared in Japan and was a complete router. If you want to know more about this mysterious piece of hardware, we recommend watching the embedded video below.

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Did you use a Nintendo Wi-Fi USB connector at that time?

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