Nintendo Big Lakes Reveal 4 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo Big Lakes Reveal 4 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

Major Nintendo leaks have revealed some upcoming Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite games. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a new one ZeldaAnd the Mario, Or Metroid Games, this new leak will leave you disappointed. Not only are the four games from third-party developers and publishers, and none of them are new releases, but ports. However, there are several important ports.

The leak comes to Taiwan’s Digital Games Rating Committee, which often evaluates games before they are released before they are announced or revealed, or in other words, leaked. Recently, the Taiwanese rating agency evaluation Records of Advocate Ace the Great Not just for the Nintendo Switch, but for PS4 and PC. At time of publication, Capcom has yet to announce the birth of its 3DS game partner, but we did hear about this group in Capcom’s big leak last year. Not only do these records appear to verify the leak, but they also indicate that the collection will be released sooner rather than later.

The Classification Committee also took note Tales from Borderlands To switch. This month, a 2K ad that it launched Borderlands Games on PS4, Xbox One and PC after being pulled from stores a few years ago. At the time, nothing was said about the Switch release, but that appears to be the case as well on the Nintendo platform.

But the leaks didn’t stop there. The Classification Committee also took note Secret neighbor For Nintendo Switch, which is part of the popular action movie Hello neighbors That hit in 2019. And scored, too SnowRunner For Switch, which debuted last year and was well received.

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Secret neighbor

Around: Secret neighbor It is a social horror game and official multiplayer experience Hello neighbors. Developed by Hologryph and Eerie Guest Studios and published by TinyBuild, and released in 2019.



Around: Snowrunner It is an all-terrain simulation released last year by developer Saber Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive.

At the time of publication, none of these games have been officially announced for Switch and Switch Lite. However, this review not only breaks the shock but also indicates that these respective games on Switch and Switch Lite will be released sooner rather than later.

For the time being, the Taiwan Digital Games Rating Committee and Nintendo have not commented on the aforementioned information, or any other official interested parties. If that changes, we will definitely update the story accordingly. In the meantime, for more coverage on everything Nintendo and Nintendo Switch related, click here or see the related links below:

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