Nijmegen no Peters in the final of Miss Holland 2022

Nijmegen no Peters in the final of Miss Holland 2022

April 4 09:00


Nijmegen – Nijmegen no Peters (20) can call herself Miss Diversity Holland 2022. “I am very happy with this. I want to show every girl and boy that anything is possible as long as you want it or you can do it yourself!”

Written by Marcel Whitlocks

This beauty pageant is not a classic beauty pageant where ladies of “perfect sizes” have to convince the jury of their qualities.

“Miss Holland for Diversity actually means everyone who falls under diversity. Think of people with physical disabilities, somewhat size, different hair style, different culture. Everyone falls under diversity and everyone is unique.”

keep growing

Noah loves to dance, sing, shop, sports and do makeup. “I really enjoy participating in the beauty pageant because it allows me to show my feminine side. I would also like to grow in this and it is an amazing process and a huge challenge.”

What is your motivation to participate? “I am participating because I believe it is important to show that each person is unique. I am a plus size girl with ADHD. I have never been ashamed of this because you are beautiful as you are. I want to show that you can be there no matter who you are or who you are or What you have. I stand there for all the girls and boys who don’t think they’re beautiful (the way they are) or insecure about themselves.”


“Everyone has their own insecurities, even if we don’t easily admit it. Sometimes I feel insecure about myself. This is a normal emotion and I want to show that it’s okay to show your insecurities.”
“I signed up for this election. I saw the sponsor’s message on Instagram and thought ‘why not?’ I love taking on new challenges. This beauty pageant was just a challenge.”

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“I believe everyone has a chance to win. I would like to win to show that no matter what people tell you, you should never listen. If I really wanted something, I would one hundred percent choose it. I would too if I could call myself Miss Diversity.” in the Netherlands 2022.”


“I used to hear many words that touched me and attracted me so much as a 13-year-old. That is why I now want to make it clear that you shouldn’t listen to bullshit. If I had listened to these people, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m proud I am very much myself and can’t wait to continue growing.”

“What do I hope to achieve? I hope I can get to a good platform for everyone. And by that I really mean everyone. I hope that if people have a problem, they know they can always come to me.”

The final will be held on May 14. The jury and the public decide who can be named Miss Diversity Netherlands 2022. For more information and to vote:


Miss Diversity Netherlands raises funds for the Indira Nepal Foundation. It was established in 2018 with the aim of supporting shelters in Bhaisepati and Mahendranagar in Nepal.

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