Next takeover of the cell phone: OSTA chief accused Fox

Next takeover of the cell phone: OSTA chief accused Fox

The head of the Vienna State Prosecutor’s Office, Johann Fuchs, is suspected of breaching official secrecy.

Vienna / Innsbruck. Elimination is not quiet. One judicial authority continues to investigate with others. On Monday, one of the country’s highest judicial representatives was “arrested”: Johan Fuchs, chief prosecutor in charge of Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland (in short: Usta Vienna).
This suspicion is a “violation of official secrecy” and is raised by the Prosecutor’s Office in Innsbruck.

Why Innsbruck? (No, the much-cited WKStA this time around has nothing to do with it.) Thus, Innsbruck is responsible for the case, as is evident in relation to the procedure he recently immigrated from Vienna to Innsbruck: we are talking about the investigations against the former President of Fuchs, the head of the Ministry of Justice Christian Bilnak, and the former judge. Minister Wolfgang Brandstetter. These two (Pilnacek temporarily suspended) are also accused of violating official secrecy – they are imprisoned for up to three years.

The accused trio

Brandstetter, who was legal advisor to investor Michael Tugner after his cabinet, is said to have persuaded Belnasik to reveal the history of the Tugner raid. Brandstetter, now a constitutional judge, denies this, and Belnasik did not comment. The presumption of innocence applies to both.

Return to the fox. In his case, the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office in Innsbruck, Hansorg Meyer, confirmed to “the press” that Fox had suffered the same fate as Belnasik and Brandstetter, who had to hand over their cell phones (in the case of the latter). This step was carried out with administrative assistance from the Administrative Court). Previously, rumors about a home search in Fox had spread. But there was no such thing. Left with cell phone security.

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What did Fox accuse (not available to “The Press” Monday night)? Well, Innsbruck is covered here, but she has confirmed that it has to do with Fox data on the Ibiza committee. As the person providing the information, Fuchs assured that some information from the initial procedures had been passed on – that is, it was passed on to Pilnacek (the two had previously collaborated closely).

Fox has reported information to members of the government about house searches of ministers. When asked by Neos faction leader Stephanie Crisper, he assured that he would inform the Ministry of Justice about the planned coercive measures.

According to Fox, the connection time factor is especially important in “noisy situations”. It is therefore important for the head of department to have “an overview of these procedural steps very quickly”. According to his statement, Fox stressed that he only meant the Ministry of Justice that was informed. Additionally, he did not mean that this should be notified in advance. Neos interprets the statement differently, especially since the OStA leader was asked clearly about “planned measures”.

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