New ‘third country nationals’ on refugee boat | De Texelse Courant – News 24/7 from Al Jazeera

New 'third country nationals' on refugee boat |  De Texelse Courant - News 24/7 from Al Jazeera

There are no longer just refugees with Ukrainian citizenship on board the refugee boat in the port of Oudeschild. Since last week, there are also so-called “third country nationals”. This concerns 46 male refugees.

A third-country national is a person with a nationality other than that of a member state of the European Union, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland. The municipality itself wrote: “Last weekend, 46 refugees arrived, mostly male. These are the so-called third-country nationals, people with a nationality other than Ukrainian who have a (temporary) residence permit for Ukraine – mostly as students – and who are eligible to receive. In the coming days. The registration will take place at the primary administration and the municipality of Texel will check the official documents.”

Texel currently hosts 130 Ukrainian refugees. Of these, 106 are staying on the boat in Oudeschild, 21 are staying in chalets at Europarcs Holiday Park on Postweg and 3 are being looked after by private individuals.

According to a spokesperson, several nationalities are involved, such as “Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, India, Morocco and Egypt”.

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