New prime minister’s party gains absolute majority in Australia

New prime minister's party gains absolute majority in Australia

Anthony Albany © EPA-EFE

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s Social Democratic Party won an outright majority in Parliament. The outcome was not yet known in three constituencies. Now that votes have been counted in McNamara, the southern Melbourne constituency, Labor has the last required seat for an absolute majority.


The Labor Party now has 76 seats out of 150 in parliament. There are still two seats to be allocated. The conservative Liberal Party has 57 seats. The Greens and some climate-conscious independents have done well, winning seats in constituencies where the traditional parties once looked the highest.

According to Australian public broadcaster ABC, despite its majority, the new Labor government will have to seek agreements with the Greens and independents to pass legislation. Labor does not have a majority in the Senate, as only a portion of the seats have been renewed.

The Australian Parliamentary elections took place on Saturday 21 May. Al-Albani was sworn in as the new prime minister two days later, but so far it is not clear if he should seek a coalition to form a majority.

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