New President, New Environment: Here’s what the new Oval Office says about the path Biden wants to take

New President, New Environment: Here's what the new Oval Office says about the path Biden wants to take

For example, he presented the bust of Cesar Chávez (1927-1993), an American union leader and civil rights activist of Mexican American descent who tried to educate his citizens about the harsh conditions in which agricultural workers in the United States had to work and fought for better wages for them. (See the image at the top of this article.)

The statue just isn’t there. On his first day as president, Biden proposed new immigration laws requiring unregistered farm workers to apply immediately for a “green card” or permanent residence permit. Additionally, Chávez’s granddaughter headed one of Biden’s squads.

More busts fill the room: Rights activist Rosa Parks (The Woman on the Bus, Remember?) And the presidential candidate Robert “Bobby” Kennedy, for example, has been killed. The desk also adorns a sculpture of Native American Chirecahua. The business was once the property of the late Senator Daniel Kane Inoue, the first Japanese-American to be elected to the House and Senate.

The bust of Martin Luther King Jr., who put Barack Obama in the office, is still there. Donald Trump also left the bust in the Oval Office, but moved the image to another part of the office.

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