New on Netflix: A mysterious disappearance in the first season of ‘Dive Club’

New on Netflix: A mysterious disappearance in the first season of 'Dive Club'

When a divers suddenly disappears, a crazy adventure ensues…

Many Netflix subscribers have been looking forward to the Australian teen series for some time now diving club in the broadcast service. This wait is now over!

in the series diving club We are following a group of young divers who at first seem to be having the best time of their lives. But at some point, it ends abruptly.

Suddenly, one of the group members mysteriously disappeared. It is the beginning of an adventure full of secrets. The story takes place in the fictional Australian town of Cape Mercy.

the second season
In any case, the series can count on huge popularity in Australia. However, the results obtained by the series are somewhat disappointing. On the specialized IMDB website, among other things, the score was only 6.6/10 at the time of writing. Of course it could be better.

Despite the somewhat limited degree, at the time of writing there has already been considerable speculation about the appearance of the second season of the series. Showrunner, Steve Gage has announced that he is looking for a second season.

Anyway, are you also interested in the adventure that will unfold in this series diving club? Then you can watch Season 1 on Netflix starting today.

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