Fans are preparing to be satisfied! BNK48 is full of fun with Live, Music Box From Home 2021 activities.

Fans are preparing to be satisfied!  BNK48 is full of fun with Live, Music Box From Home 2021 activities.

iAM (I AM) Full of Fun, Live, Music Box From Home 2021 Activity, Kru Pim + Kru Eh with 12 members of BNK48 Demonstrate Lyrical/Musical Skills Bring happiness to the masses within the BNK48 Heart to Heart Project, Community assistance activities for organizations/agencies in case Spread of the Covid-19 virus epidemic, D-Day, September 4, 64 12.00 onwards.

Independent Artist Management Company Limited or me me) Supervising the management of idolized artistsBNK48 . group In Thailand, the project BNK48 from heart to heart It is another activity that raises money or contributes donations to organizations or agencies that need help. In the event of an epidemic of the Covid-19 virus, the company understands that it is part of helping the community.

It is a video recording of various shows for 3 weeks such as theater no megami / saicho bel ja naru และ janbar! You can watch the clip in reverse via YouTube: BNK48. During the show, there will be different channels of agencies that need everyone’s help to do good work together.

It also speeds up activities to bring back happiness to the masses. With the concept of singing and playing musical instruments for BNK48 members as ONLINE under the name Music Box From Home 2021 Saturday 4 September 2021 12 noon onwards. Come see the talent of Thai and international singing. Including instrumental skill, sample members and song titles are as follows:

1) satang: strawberry and a cigarette – Troy Sivan
2) Sachan Comethru Song: Jeremy Zucker
3) Pearl: How Long Will I Love You: Ellie Goulding
4) Kyo Sung Ha is the perfect Jimmy Miller
5) j song where were you in the morning?
6) Mr. Song, buddy: Sang Band
7) The Song of Ban That Escaped (Katy Perry)
8) My You, Blank Space: Taylor Swift
9) Panda Song Team (Moderndog)
10) Mobile, Pope and Spinach are a good song.

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NS Guru Bim – Saowanee Kanchana Oransiri Chi Hainin of BNK48 revealed, “The purpose of Music Box From Home 2021 activity is an ongoing activity of BNK48 and CGM48. This time, he invites fans to help the community and do good deeds together in the ONLINE format, which was to showcase the potential of all 12 members, live singing , and playing musical instruments. The novelty of Music Box From Home 2021 largely reflects the intention of the 12 members to create smiles and happiness for the fans to impress them. The music making process is prepared in ONLINE format, such as song selection, practice and track recording, teachers are just coaches and guides, so no Staff, teachers and members never meet.Different people in their homes.We follow strictly the procedures of government agencies.This event is a challenge that all members are proud of.Form of Activities During the live event, Kru Pim and Kru Eh take on roles as presenters and invite 12 members to discuss the origins of song selection Preparation process and there is an opening clip of each member’s work that will be performed live on Saturday 4th September 2021. Of course we have a surprise for all our fans, fans and viewers.Some songs may be sung solo NS. Or some songs may have members together as a group. Leave the Music Box From Home 2021 event. We hope that fans will come to watch the live broadcast and cheer on the members as usual. We will all come together to donate to help the community together.”

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And Master A – Pongchak Vithanavorn He added, “IAM (IAM) has organized Music Box activities on an ongoing basis. From both bands, BNK48 and CGM48, in the past, every music box event has received a great response from fans. Even the trend on Twitter is, this time, Music Box From Home 2021, where all 12 members participate in activities like choosing a song to sing. Musical productions and recordings done at home. Teachers will give advice to members. This live event is a new and exciting activity. Fans will see 12 members of BNK48 show off their singing and playing style. Show the musical potential of each member. The special aspect of this event will help support and encourage agencies affected by the COVID-19 situation. I invite fans and fans to support the BNK48 members.”

However, you can watch the live broadcast and enjoy the fun. The song was composed due to the intention of Teacher Pim, Teacher Eh and 12 members representing BNK48, despite the Covid-19 virus situation keeping us apart so the members gathered energy to send encouragement to fans and music fans to bring us together via YouTube channel: BNK48.

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