New malware found in Android phones

New malware found in Android phones

You are using an Android phone ..! But you should definitely read this news. The last few days Male in appearance Security experts have discovered that a new malware is trying to attack the operating system. This new malware will have a terrible impact than any other malware. The system will secretly disappear on Android phones in pursuit of updates.

Zimperium, a leading mobile security company, reports that its new malware system may be up to date. It is mentioned that this malware is very difficult to detect. Once installed, this malware takes control of the entire mobile phone and steals information, pictures and messages other than just data. Once installed on the mobile phone, the hackers take control of the data.

Additionally, hackers will track mobile phone calls, data, messages, default browser information, and GPS location. Gymperium Sridhar CEO said this malware is more dangerous than anything else. Although the current absence of malware in the Google Play Store is encouraging, there is a risk that it will enter phones if other third-party Android apps are installed.

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