New free games are now available on the Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store offers 2 new games for free

The Epic Games Store has been updated again with new free games, and this time, users can get stuck Amnesia: a machine for pigs And the Kingdom: new lands Limited time! As with the company’s other free editions, the pair can be redeemed for free now and then play later. However, the two titles should be recovered by October 22. It is not always convenient for players to start a new game, so this is a very great option for those who may be busy with other titles. Full details can be found at the link found in the tweet below.

Kingdom: new lands It is a 2D kingdom building sim. In the game, players must create their own kingdom, while fighting with enemies. The old school graphics of the game are very cool New lands A style that conjures up some of the best-looking games on Sega Genesis.

Amnesia: a machine for pigs Strong fit for October! A survival horror game, the ambiance of the Amnesia franchise has gained a lot of fans over the years. Last month , Amnesia: a machine for pigs And its predecessor Amnesia dark slope Both are open source gold. While this meant that anyone interested could create mods based on the two games, Frictional Games soon indicated that both were still being sold, and the company retained ownership of the series. However, Epic Games Store users can now disable it for free for a limited time!

While memory loss A great choice for October, next week’s free games might be more apt for the Halloween theme! October 22-29, it will manufacture the Epic Games Store Costume Quest 2 And the Layers of Fear 2 Free for all users. Costume Quest 2 Halloween fun for all ages Layers of Fear 2 It’s rated ripe so next week should be a perfect fit for anyone looking to celebrate the season!

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