New feature stops addictive TikTok use

New feature stops addictive TikTok use

This new TikTok feature prevents you from constantly watching videos.

TikTok has been proven to be addictive. Many users know this: they open the TikTok app once and stumble for hours on various short videos. That’s up algorithm, which selects videos for one and plays one clip after another. It’s hard to get rid of it because you can’t watch videos because of”auto startIt must be stopped consciously. TikTok knows exactly what videos you watch and for how long, and then shows you the ones that match exactly, so you stick with it.

But TikTok now wants to handle the situation itself, so you can No more uninterrupted videos consumer. It’s supposed to be one soon New feature Come, drawing your attention to the constant consumption of new videos, as reported by

Take a Break!

However, this requires your first action: in the future you can decide when you want to take a “break”. If you use the autoplay function to play videos in a tour, you can specify how many minutes TikTok should interrupt you afterwards. This is done under the menu item “screen timeYou can sit there Enter commas ability. If you exceed the time set by yourself, TikTok will display a reminder.

It should also appear in the Screen Time dashboard as Statistics tool With it, you can check how much you use the app, how often you open it, at what time and for what period of time. Adolescence Between 13 and 17 years old They should be reminded once a week to monitor their digital well-being.

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Why would that also interrupt the spiral of extremism

The new feature of intentionally interrupting TikTok while watching a video is important and useful in many ways: the more you are drawn to it, the more likely you are to be radicalized, because you will see more and more content that is similar in a certain thing. The topic is presented in a certain way. If you consciously stop watching the video, you may not continue where you left off.

This also has the advantage that you don’t just see one area of ​​interest when you open the app again after a break. This gives teens in particular the opportunity to call up videos about new interests on TikTok and Don’t always follow the algorithm’s suggestions automatically to follow.

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