Nevada Governor Confirms: “Third US Grand Prix Possible in Las Vegas in 2023”

Gouverneur van Nevada bevestigt:

The governor of the US state of Nevada has confirmed that Formula 1 may host the Grand Prix in Las Vegas. This will be the third grand prix in the United States after the addition of Miami.

The Austin Grand Prix, which takes place this weekend, is said to hold its place on the calendar for some time to come. Bobby Epstein, president of the Austin Grand Prix, said talks about a contract extension are already underway.

Space for multiple races in America

“Anything that would halt the momentum of that could be irreversibly harmful. I’m very optimistic that this will continue for a long time to come,” Epstein said. New York times. He also confirms that he has no problem racing in Miami starting next year. “There is definitely room for both races,” Epstein said.

Las Vegas on the F1 calendar in 2023?

Two American Grands Prix races could also be joined with a third race in 2023. A delegation from Las Vegas will be present during the race weekend in Austin to discuss the organization of the 2023 Grand Prix with F1, Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has confirmed.

“I recently had the opportunity to speak to the F1 leaders and I appreciate that they are taking their time on this,” Sisolak was quoted as saying. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Silver State It is rapidly becoming the sports and entertainment capital of the world,” Sisolak said.

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