Netflix is ​​reaching a special stage and responding to the success of Disney +

Netflix is ​​reaching a special stage and responding to the success of Disney +

Netflix had a presentation last night with their quarterly numbers. By doing so, the company revealed that it has more than 200 million paid subscribers for the first time. Netflix has also praised Disney + for its success.

It turns out, Netflix gained another 8.5 million subscribers in the last quarter. The largest part comes from the United States and Canada, where they have 73.94 million subscribers. But growth there is limited: Only 900,000 were added in the last quarter.

Other areas of growth
Netflix has seen growth mainly in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. There were 4.5 million paying subscribers, bringing the total number in those three regions to 66.7 million.

Netflix has annual turnover of $ 20 billion. It is good for the company that people believe they no longer need to take out loans for day-to-day business operations, which are expected to leave $ 8 billion to $ 12 billion in debt.

Netflix expects to see more growth. In the next quarter, the company expects to grow from 203 million subscribers to 209 million. This makes it by far the largest streaming service in the world. Amazon Prime Video is the closest with 150 million subscribers, but Chinese Tencent Video (which serves the Middle East and other East Asian countries) also has many 120 million subscribers.

Growing Disney +
Netflix founder and co-CEO Reed Hastings also commented on the success of Disney + during the show. This attracted approximately 75 million subscribers per year.

“It’s really impressive what Disney did,” Hastings said. “It’s an amazing accomplishment by this established party to make it happen. It appears that subscribers are interested and willing to pay more for more content because they crave great stories. A lot of that in their presentation.”

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