Netflix has started rolling out mobile game services in Poland. Start with a game from the Stranger Things series.

Netflix has started rolling out mobile game services in Poland.  Start with a game from the Stranger Things series.

From previous news that Netflix Get ready to start playing the mobile games already included in the movie bundle. Members do not have to pay any additional money. At first, there wasn’t a lot of information about what kind of game service to come out of…but recently, Netflix launched a mobile game service for members in Poland to try out. Initially, the Stranger Things series games were available for download from the Google Play Store. Come and play without having to pay for it.

For Netflix subscribers in Poland, when you open the Netflix app on your Android phone, you will see a new tab. You have games to choose from There are currently only two games. Stranger Things: 1984 And Strager things 3 If members want to play, just click on select only. It will take you directly to the download page of the Google Play Store and is free and does not contain any ads or IAP because it is in the same package as the movie package (both regular games are paid games). Purchase)

Game bar added

Some gamers who are already subscribers to Netflix may be a bit disappointed, thinking it’s a game streaming service or something better, but Netflix says this is just the beginning. This gaming service still has a lot to do. According to previous news, Netflix is ​​also recruiting talented players. Mike Verdu (Former VP of Virtual Reality Game Development at Facebook from OCULUS) is taking over as VP of Game Development.

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Suffice it to rest assured that the future Netflix game service will definitely not be just a small mobile game like this, and it could be a Netflix exclusive as well. This Netflix hasn’t been mentioned yet.

We still don’t know when the Netflix game service will start expanding to other countries and how often new games will be added, so we’ll have to wait and see… I personally think that’s a good thing. Because existing members do not have to pay extra money from the already used package. But get the game to play for free.

Source: XDA-Developers, Netflix Geeked (Twitter)

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