Netflix can bring back “Hannibal”

Netflix can bring back "Hannibal"

Hannibal fans can look forward to some very good news from Netflix.

The fact that Hannibal is on Netflix in the US has brought the project back into the spotlight. There may be interest again in Season 4. “

Unfortunately, the series ended after its third season. Since then, the cast and crew have regularly talked about the possibility of making a fourth series. Something could happen with this in the future.

Interest again
Actor Mads Mikkelsen has spoken to the Happy Sad Confused podcast. He has since said that Hannibal “Found a new home with Netflix, conversations started again. I don’t think any cast member would say, ‘No thanks.’ We really enjoyed it.”

Something could come from that long-awaited and hopeful fourth season. In any case, for Mikkelsen, there is a feeling that Hannibal’s story has been properly completed.

“Creative show-goers always need a way to end the season because no one knows if someone else is coming. So there was always that feeling,” Well, that was it.

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