Netflix brought home another horrific horror movie

Netflix brought home another horrific horror movie

Netflix is ​​coming soon with a great horror movie: Cult of Chucky. In this film, the killer doll appears in a psychiatric clinic.

Rated on Rotten Tomatoes chucky cult Very stylish at 78 percent. Critics describe it as a beautiful and frightening picture with the necessary humor. This looks like real chucky-Movie. The film was not released theatrically at the time, but rather was released directly to disc and video-on-demand.

Sequel . series
A sequel to the film was released as a TV series in 2021. This series – titled chucky It was shown in the United States on Syfy and the USA Network and was acclaimed by critics and fans alike. In the Netherlands, Fox will air the series later this month.

chucky cult (2017)

direction: Don Mancini | spit: Fiona Dorf, Michael Therault, Adam Hurtig, EA | send notification

Nina Pierce is wrongly convinced that she killed her entire family, not Chucky. She is treated in a mental institution located in the snow. Her psychiatrist introduces a new therapy doll to facilitate group sessions. After a series of clinic murders, Pierce begins to suspect Chucky’s existence.

It is not known when chucky cult-Exactly to be released on Netflix. Hopefully it gets added before Halloween, because of course this horror movie is perfect for a night of ghosts on the couch.

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