Juncker has to cancel his trip to the US after the World Cup draw

Juncker has to cancel his trip to the US after the World Cup draw

National coach Andres Juncker must adjust his plans after next year’s World Cup draw. Juncker wanted to go to the US with the Dutch footballers in April to play two practice matches against the four-time world champion. However, the group’s ‘Team USA’ Orange has been assigned to the draw and so this trip will not take place, as Juncker does not want to play against the group’s opponent shortly before the World Cup.

“We had planned to make a visit to the United States in April, but that has been cancelled,” Juncker said after the draw in Auckland. “We want to train against the top opponents at the last international block before the start of the World Cup preparations. Now we will try to achieve something different.”

Juncker will stay in New Zealand for a few more days to visit hotels and training grounds in Dunedin and Wellington, the two cities in New Zealand where “The Lion” play their three matches in the group. “First we have some sessions here in Auckland on FIFA. On Monday we fly to the South Island of New Zealand to see the stadiums and some accommodation. Then my job is done, then I come back. The people who come with us are responsible for the organization stay a few days longer.”

The footballers will play two friendlies in their home country next month, against Costa Rica (November 11 in Utrecht) and Denmark (November 15 in Zwolle). The program for international matches in February and April is not yet complete. “Association with Vietnam leads to a desire to at least play against an Asian opponent, if it can be found and can be traveled to,” Juncker said. “Everyone has been waiting for this lottery. As we speak now, our team manager Sonia van Gerenstein is busy consulting with other countries to see how we can fill this lottery in February and April. We have already been very far with America, but that is not going to happen now. By” .

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