My PC isn’t driving me crazy anymore and I have Windows to thank for it (and you)

The essence of this article is quickly told: my computer every day bothered me with an unusual problem, which I solved now through a Windows job Reset this computer In the system settings under the point Recovery Steady after a long time.

But there are two other things behind itWhich prompted me to write an entire article about it. It might make your life a little easier in the future if you encounter major problems with Windows. I am interested in these two points:

  • Your great response to my first report on this issue, which overflowed with nearly 240 comments of general advice and help with PC issues (see original article My PC is driving me crazy, Windows 10 is to blame)
  • The fact that I personally did not fully expect the look and characteristics of how good and fast my computer will be exactly as before (or even better) after the reset.

However, what did not solve the problem is the temporary switch from Windows 10 to Windows 11 directly from the older operating system. On the other hand, if you want to stay with Windows 10, my colleague Sören Diedrich has some helpful setup tips ready for you:

You should definitely change these Windows settings


Do you live with Windows 10?

You should definitely change these Windows settings

How did it all start

Let’s start by taking a quick look at the first two points above and at the initial situation at the time. The fact that I could not use my computer immediately after starting Windows, as I had been used to for a long time, drove me crazy.

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Instead, I always had to wait long enough to click the Start menu or open programs like the browser before I saw the Dropbox icon in the taskbar (which could take a minute or more). Otherwise, Windows refused further service.

If I ignore this rule, I can still move my mouse pointer and click on the start menu. However, its framework only opened without content. When you click on a program that is pinned to the taskbar, in most cases nothing happens and there are no further reactions from the computer, either in the task manager or elsewhere.

If you are looking for tips on computer problems, you will find them here: I already complained about my grief about this Windows issue in the above article. It was expected that there would also be help in response to this, but both the amount and type of advice, of which I didn’t know much yet, surprised me in a very positive way – and at this point also surprised me a lot thanks for that!

I must admit, however, that I am quite a lazy person. Combined with your many solutions, this circumstance finally led me to solve the whole thing: Windows had to believe in it. Suitable guides in different scenarios, which also apply to Windows 11, can be found here:

Reset Windows 10: This is how it works without losing data

How did the happy ending come?

I always decided to try your tips one by one. But since it has been difficult to pinpoint exactly where the problem is, it can be a long process. I had similar concerns before reinstalling Windows. Until everything is the way it is again, I’m afraid the road can be very long without proper preparation.

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Instead of just choosing one of the two methods, I continued to live with the annoying Windows problem for over a year. However, after a short time, the mouse cursor also started to vibrate intermittently and sometimes it took forever to start programs, and the suffering became too great for me, like a lazy sock.

Also, since your many tips showed me the number of potential problem areas, I decided to reinstall Windows or reset it from the operating system. Experience has shown that it is simply the most reliable solution to the problem, as long as the hardware does not cause the existing problems. And look: after about two hours, almost everything is back to how it was before and the annoying starting problem is completely gone.

Resetting your PC always removes apps and settings, but you can keep your personal data.

Resetting your PC always removes apps and settings, but you can keep your personal data.

I left my personal and work data as is, instead showing myself as in the screenshot above for the option keep my files Established. Since I do not use many programs in everyday life, they reinstalled very quickly.

All of my games from Steam and GoG as well as League of Legends were available, but the proper clients weren’t. However, when in doubt, it is recommended to manually backup the game beforehand so that you do not have to download very large titles again.

You can stumble upon some programs that are still missing in the additional course. For example, if you want to create a screenshot of a portion of the screen and then realize that Greenshot is not yet installed. Or if you only realized when you started Firefox that you didn’t save your online bookmarks with a proper account. In the end, it all happened very quickly.

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My advice: Don’t be shy about reset

Based on this and my other Windows experiences in the past, I can only highly recommend reinstalling or resetting Windows using the boot stick from time to time. I used to do this once a year. In the meantime, I prefer extending this period to two years.

This is simply the cleanest way to get rid of too many installed programs and/or services, which then wish to install themselves in the system over time, in one fell swoop. This can also prevent you from always being too careful with your computer. Especially if you use your computer at work as well as privately, as I do, a lot of ballast builds up over time.

Talk about individual computer problemsI don’t want to deprive you of this DIY kind that has to do with the USB-C port, which can’t actually be used incorrectly:

“Power over voltage at the USB port” – so you can plug the USB-C wrong after all

How do you feel about your Windows installation? Reinstalling only when there is no other option, resetting the operating system after a more or less stable period of time, or taking a completely different approach? Feel free to write it in the comments!

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