Musk fires employee who contradicts him on Twitter

Musk fires employee who contradicts him on Twitter


in Twitter It’s made easy again: a public match between the new Twitter owner Elon Musk and Twitter Developer Eric Fraunhofer Makes waves rise.

The dispute began with a tweet from Musk. At that I apologize Twitter manager himself that Twitter app for Android Too slow in some countries. Musk also immediately offered an explanation. Accordingly, the higher the number RPCs . Attempts (Remote Action Calls) The reason for the poor performance of the application.

Android developer Frohnhoefer left that out Don’t sit on yourself: “I’ve been working on Twitter for Android for about 6 years and I can say that’s not true.” At the request of Musk Frohnhoefer replied: “Applications make exactly zero RPC calls.”

Certain area for improvement

not think so number of orders The main problem with the performance of the Twitter Android app. His team put a lot of work into the app to improve speed. However, there is still much room for performance improvement. Android developer explains.

In his opinion, the Twitter Android app is closed swollen with featureswhich is rarely used. For years, functionality has been prioritized over performance, Frohnhoefer Analytics.

Musk has no idea.

Android developer received support from other developers during discussion with his boss. “As a former technical lead for Twitter’s timeline infrastructure, it’s safe to say this guy has no idea what he’s talking about,” Note the former Twitter employee Ben Lip on me.

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“You don’t almost completely free up the infrastructure and then create one cheeky note About how to organize the assembly? Do you even care to know how GraphQL works? “, Program developer guidance Sasha Suleiman The new Twitter boss.

“Elon Musk is very incompetent”

Also a computer veteran Grady Bush I couldn’t let him sit and to speak. All this is further evidence of that Elon Musk is very incompetent Leading a software-based and web-centric company on a global scale.

Other Twitter users eventually asked Elon Musk if they wanted someone like Frohnhoefer on the team. Musk replied: “he was kicked outAlso, Twitter developer Sasha Solomon Posted in TweetThank you for your comments also refused had become.

Job offer from Reddit

Frohnhoefer may have already found a new job. developer in reddit She offered him a job: “Eric, this topic is totally insane. We’re hiring seniors Android developer on Reddit a. We will not treat you this way.” Told by Reddit developer Jameson Williams.

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