Qatar 2022 | FIFA President Infantino wants a ceasefire in Ukraine during the World Cup

Qatar 2022 |  FIFA President Infantino wants a ceasefire in Ukraine during the World Cup

World leaders from twenty major countries gathered in Bali to discuss, among other things, the situation in Ukraine. In addition to a delegation from the European Union, leaders of, for example, China, Germany, France, Russia and the United States were present on the Indonesian island.

FIFA President Infantino was invited as a guest speaker and took the opportunity to present a wonderful proposal, a ceasefire during the World Cup in Qatar.

“Football is more than just a sport, it can unite the world. So the World Cup is a place that brings people together in peace, my suggestion is to think of a month-long truce during the World Cup.”

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resume dialogue

Controversial successor Sepp Blatter continues: “The dialogue must resume.” “You are world leaders and you can influence the course of history.”

This is not the first time Infantino has made such a proposal. During the World Cup draw in March, the FIFA leader made the same appeal.

Infantino did not say anything about the criticism about holding the World Cup in Qatar. The country has been heavily criticized for its appalling human rights situation. For example, 6,500 people are said to have died during the construction of stadiums, and human rights in the Asian oil country are under severe pressure.

Where do you follow the news of the World Cup?

You can follow all the news about the Dutch national team and the World Cup in Qatar here at Eurosport.

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