Ms. Tatiana Mountbatten

Ms. Tatiana Mountbatten

Calm has reigned since Princess Beatrice’s wedding in 2020 royal wedding space. Fortunately, the royal family is extensive and the Queen’s (great) niece gets married every now and then, so we still get the features of our crown. Also this year starts with a nice post!

Crowns and wedding dresses

La Di style grand wedding glasses royal wedding We haven’t had Harry and Meghan for long, but thankfully there are distant Windsors and Mountbats who treat us to a semi-royal wedding every now and then. For example, last year we had the wedding days of Flora Ogilvy, the granddaughter of Princess Alexandra, and India Hicks, who is Prince Philip’s niece. It keeps us tiara lovers and the wedding dress sweet again. And we now have another one to look forward to, as Lady Tatiana Mountbatten is engaged to her great love, Alec Drew.

Mrs. Tatiana Mountbatten

lady of? Don’t worry if you know the British royal family like no other and have never heard of this lady – she’s 464th in the line of succession to the throne, so we can’t really name this prominent place. Although she enjoyed a certain status in British noble circles as the (far) niece of the Queen and Prince Philip. She descends from Queen Victoria and is related to the previous royal families of Hesse (Germany) and Russia. Her father is the Marquis of Milford Haven, her brother is the Earl of Town.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Tatiana herself has made a name for herself. She’s a passionate racer with horses (“I speak five languages, but I can only talk about horses,” she once said. tatler), participates regularly in competitions and has her own business. Often she replaces her horse with a pair of sleds. And last weekend, during a winter sports break in Switzerland, Alec got on one knee for her.

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community wedding

Anyone who follows Lady Tatiana online knows a bit that she doesn’t hate wearing a classy dress from time to time and is a good friend of the British. high society. It’s a matter of counting down until a lively wedding is organized. Not much is known about the groom, Alec. He studied at Eton College and Oxford University and now works for a startup company. It also stays in the background on Instagram. Usually Tatiana stands there with this other great love.

Meanwhile, Belgium is also looking forward to a royal wedding. Shortly after Christmas, Princess Maria Laura announced that she was engaged and would marry British-Frenchman William Isvie in the fall of 2022. The announcement came as a surprise, as no one knew that the princess was already in a long-term relationship. This is how you see: sometimes they come from unexpected destinations, from Royal weddings. Who knows what else awaits us!

Source: Tatler | Photo: BrunoPress

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