More than 500,000 families browse faster

Glasfaser-Baustelle der Telekom

Photo: Marcus Goodell; Image source: Deutsche Telekom

Telekom increased internet speed for 516,000 households in September. The number of households with access to a pure fiber optic connection increased by 215 thousand in September, and is now 4.5 million.


Speeds of up to one gigabit per second are possible here. More than 34 million households can book tariffs of up to 100 Mbps (MB / s) or more in the Telekom network. 28 million households can get a tariff of 250 MB / s or more. Since the beginning of the year, more than 4 million households have benefited from Telekom’s fiber optic expansion.

Telekom’s fiber-optic expansion is progressing

“The numbers show that we are the broadband driver in Germany – for both fixed networks and mobile communications,” says Walter Goldenitz, managing director of technology at Telekom Germany. “We are providing fast internet for millions and not full speed for just a few. And we do it with the best network quality.” In fact, Vodafone is lagging here. DIGITAL TELEVISION recently reported how the competitor plans to change that.

Vodafone was looking for a partner

Important for customers: If you want to use higher domains, you should book a corresponding tariff. If you are interested in a fast connection, you can go to to find out if your connection really benefits from higher speed. Or he can contact consultants in Telekom stores and specialized markets or on the toll-free hotline (0800330 1000).

Source: Deutsche Telekom


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