More than 10 percent of electricity comes from solar and wind energy for the first time

More than 10 percent of electricity comes from solar and wind energy for the first time

For the first time ever, solar panels and wind turbines generate 10 percent of the world’s total electricity. In total, clean energy sources provide nearly 40 percent of all electricity. The Netherlands is doing very well in this regard. Together with Australia and Vietnam, we have shifted 10 percent of electricity demand from fossil to green in the past two years. “It’s a milestone,” says Olof van der Jag of the Dutch Renewable Energy Association.

The Netherlands still has a long way to go to reach 100% renewable energy. But this is a milestone and deserves to be celebrated. The Netherlands is doing much better than most other countries, says Olof van der Gaj of the Dutch Renewable Energy Association.


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Van der Gaag explains that speed also increases faster and faster. We started in the seventies with electricity from the sun and wind. So it took me all this time to reach this milestone. By the way, the Netherlands currently has a quarter of its electricity needs from the sun and wind. We expect that to be 75 percent by 2030. It took us half a century to get to a quarter, and we’ll go from a quarter to three quarters in eight years. Holland hit the throttle hard.

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Solar Panels

“We are not the brightest country, but we have the most solar panels in Europe per capita,” Van der Gaag continues. According to him, this shows that politics really matters. All the Dutch families and companies that are installing solar panels on their roofs are also showing that they are making a real impact.

Holland has been a country of winds since the 16th and 17th centuries. Let’s continue with it,” Van der Gag calls out. We also have a nice piece of the North Sea in our front yard. We are going to build more windmills there. So things will go a lot faster than they have been up to now.

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