More privacy. Now your boss doesn’t see everything on WhatsApp anymore.

More privacy.  Now your boss doesn't see everything on WhatsApp anymore.
WhatsApp made more privacy possible.

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WhatsApp users now have more options to keep their activities private on the app.

WhatsApp has expanded its data protection options. Users now have the option to exclude individual contacts from certain information about WhatsApp activity.

Previously, you only had the choice of whether anyone, everyone, or all of your contacts could recall this information for “Last Connection Online”, “Profile Picture” and “Information”. There is now the new option “My contacts, except…” where you can exclude individual contacts.

Also improvements in video chats

This option is useful, for example, if you want to block as much of your WhatsApp activity as possible from unwanted people – like your boss or ex-partner – without having to block them immediately. However, you cannot turn off the fact that all contacts can tell if you are online at that moment.

Along the way, WhatsApp has also made improvements to group video chats. Among other things, it is now possible to mute individual participants if they forget to turn off their microphone when they are inactive.

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