More and more countries are closing their airspace to Russian planes | Abroad

More and more countries are closing their airspace to Russian planes |  Abroad

Like other countries, Bulgaria prohibits the take-off, landing and overflight of Russian aircraft. The airspace over Bulgarian territorial waters was also prohibited for them.

No private plane

British Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced on Twitter on Friday that no Russian private aircraft are allowed to fly or land in British airspace with immediate effect. Putin’s actions are illegal and anyone who takes advantage of Russian aggression in Ukraine is not welcome here. I have tightened our UK ban so that no Russian private jet can fly or land in UK airspace – effective immediately.”

Russia has banned British airlines from landing at the country’s airports or from entering Russian airspace. The move came after London previously banned Russian airline Aeroflot from accessing British airspace. Poland and the Czech Republic have also announced that Russian Airlines is no longer welcome.

After months of massing troops on the border with Ukraine, Russia launched an offensive with ground forces and air strikes across the country on Thursday. The US intelligence services have already warned of this in recent weeks.

‘Extreme caution’

This week, the European aviation regulator announced that airlines should avoid Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. “Extreme caution” must also be exercised within 185 kilometers of the border with Belarus and Russia. Ukraine has already closed its airspace to civil aviation at night from Wednesday to Thursday.

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