Adrie de Vries is already running the richest and most famous horse race in the world: the $20 million Saudi Cup

Adrie de Vries is already running the richest and most famous horse race in the world: the $20 million Saudi Cup

Will Adrie de Vries write history again? Yolanda Tillmans pictures

Dutch top jockey Adrie de Vries has already been booked to ride the Thoroughbred Arabian RB Rich Lyke Me at the $2 million Obaiya Classic and is one of the favorites for this race. But yesterday there were two more flights. Due to a Covid injury, jockey Tadhg O’ Shea had to cancel and Bhupat Seemar, the current lead trainer from Dubai, decided to book Adrie to ride his Switzerland horse and secret ambition.

Bhupat Seemar owns Zabeel Stables with really great facilities opposite the center of Dubai. The Simar horses flew from Dubai last Tuesday evening, and they remained in the quarantine area on Wednesday, and on Thursday came into force for the first time at the magnificent King Abdulaziz Racecourse in Riyadh. Adri drove yesterday in Dubai and will be traveling today.

Secret Ambition Warrior

Here are Seemar’s findings from Thursday and yesterday: “The horses survived the trip really well, eat all their food and look good. The two horses have a strong competition in the Saudi Cup and Dirt Sprint, but we will do our best and of course a dose of luck plays a role too. Secret ambition is Warrior and he did really well in training yesterday morning.”

Behavior in the start box

Nasser Askar, the Libyan owner of Secret Ambition and one of the big owners in Dubai, attended the training and said: “Secret Ambition was really good today, he is a very good horse, very fast. He won a Godolphin Mile, his only problem is his behavior in the starting area. Adrie has not yet ridden him but he A very good rider. God willing he will make a good path.”

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Multiple Group One winner Adrie de Vries knows how to do it on this big day and knows the track. He is highly regarded, in part because he wrote world history in 2020 by winning the first grass pitch in Saudi Arabia with Port Lions.

‘I am so grateful’

I know: “It’s very unfortunate for Tadge, but I am so grateful that they trusted me and that they asked me to ride their horses. I know Secret Ambition well and I know it’s a bit tough in the starting zone and he loves to race in the front position. I’ve seen him many times and often went against him, but Of course this is my first time sitting down. I know he’s a good horse.”

Also the race for Switzerland

In the $1.5 million Riyadh Dirt Sprint, Seemar asked De Vries to replace O’Shea and ride for Switzerland that won multiple sets for owner RRR Racing. De Vries: “The horse got better after the coach changed a few things. Seemar did a great job getting the horse back into top shape. I think he had a great race here last year and the horse was in good shape then too. They have relaxed it now so I am really excited about him. And I am so thankful that they came close to me to ride it on this run.”


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