Monique and Geert Willem starred in the Omrop Brabant documentary series What Can You Do?

Monique geniet met volle teugen van haar optreden in 'Wat kan je wel?'(foto: Erik Peeters)

Signature, photo, meeting and automatic greeting. Stars of the TV series “What can you do?” From Omroep Brabant you are familiar with it now. Hence the TV show that they are starring in is a complete success. Audience Figures are seven clients of the SDW welfare organization in West Brabant who are watched in front of the camera at important moments in their lives.

Monique (53) from Steenbergen and Gert-Willem (49) from Bergen op Zoom, among others, participate in the series. Monique is totally immersed in her singing career while Geert Willem takes the big step to live on her own. Both participants enjoy success. “I get a lot of nice reactions from acquaintances. Even from Australia,” says Geert Willem.

In spite of
Monique finds it exciting from time to time, but it’s usually fun to look at herself. “Then I think: What a piece. I also think it’s smart myself that I dare do it.” Her supervisor, Esther, agrees completely. “We are very proud of Monique. You have Martin Miland, France Bauer, Marianne Weber and Monique now on the same list as far as I’m concerned.”

The TV series provides unique insight into the lives of people with disabilities and focuses on what they can do. According to supervisor Aike van Gert-Willem, the TV series gives a good picture of how things work in practice. “Everything is very recognizable. I see how he’s doing here at work and you can watch it on TV. So nerves are strange to Geert Willem. “Only, good quality balls.”

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Monique and Geert Willem are increasingly recognized on the street and they love it very much. “I want to be famous and create a show with Johnny De Mole,” says Gert Jan. Monique sees her future as a singer rather. She is singing again with singer Syb van der Ploeg. But she is now enjoying success in “What can you do?”

“We always watch it with the whole group and have a party every Thursday evening. We are always sorry when it’s over.” Her colleague Ike adds, “I’ll ask to sign first, because I’ll get it after that.”

“What can you do?” It airs every Thursday evening at 5:50 PM on Omroep Brabant. Then the episodes were repeated every hour during the week.

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