Drenthe curfew: That was quiet street

De kruising van de Overcingellaan en Pelikaanstraat is ook leeg. (Rechten: Bert Visser)

In the Netherlands it is illegal to take to the streets in the evening and at night. The curfew runs from 9:00 PM to 4:30 AM and lasts until February 9 anyway. The measure aims to further stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Home visiting should be discouraged.

Anyone who takes to the streets without a valid permit risks paying a fine. Most of Drenthe was forbidden to take to the streets, resulting in deserted streets.


Silvana, Noah and Milene are on the street at 9:15. They know they should be at nine in the morning, but they think the curfew is really nonsense. They cling to it, because they don’t want a fine.

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Cow on the right track

Mister de Vries is still on the bike at 9:00 am. His train was delayed by twenty minutes because a cow was running on the tracks: “Force majeure, but I’m going home quickly now.”

‘sleeping together’

Iris walked down the street at 9.20 p.m., according to her employer. She works in the supermarket. It’s closed at 9:15, but staff still have to clean. About the curfew, she says, “I’m fine with that, but I’ve also heard around me that people come up with creative solutions to get around it. For example, just to spend the night together.”

‘No cycling’

Mister Van Horsen, like every night, walks with his dogs. This doesn’t sound different from normal, but there is a difference: “There are no cyclists now, but what amazes me is that there are still so few cars on the road.”

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Also in the provincial capital, everyone seems to adhere to a curfew. Anyway, it’s very quiet in the middle.

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