Minecraft Live promises “massive updates” and another community vote

Minecraft Live promises "massive updates" and another community vote

Mojang annual Maine Craft The event, like most other events and conferences, will look a little different this year, but it still happens when Minecraft Live takes place on October 3. Like the Minecon Earth and Minecon Live events that took place prior to this event, we’ll see news of a future Maine Craft During the event along with some fan posts from players to help shape some of the planned content for the game. Minecraft Live will be streamed online and watched across all usual platforms on October 3.

Plans for this year’s Minecraft Live event were announced for the first time this week when Mojang set the date and time for the event to start. Anyone planning to see Minecraft Live celebrations will want to hear this Maine Craft The social networking site Facebook. Twitch or YouTube Accounts at 12 p.m. ET on October 3 to see what’s planned.

“Filmed live and streamed around the world via the Internet!” Mojang said about the event planned for next month. “ The show is packed with exciting Minecraft news, and content creators, and will include pre-show voting and community voting to actually influence the game!

The community vote referenced above is something we’ve seen in the past Maine Craft Events. Historically, this is allowed Maine Craft Players themselves to vote on things like biomes to reformulate next and what kind of new mobs to add to the game. Voting during Minecraft Live will give players a chance to vote for another crowd. If past events indicate what is going to happen, we’ll see a preview of the various crowds in the weeks leading up to the October 3rd event to inform players about what types of mobs they can vote on. Whether during the event or shortly afterwards, we’ll know what the mob has been added to Maine Craft next one.

As for the annual Minecraft Festival event, Mojang said that will now take place in 2022.

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“The main thing you should know is that this year’s celebration will be held online,” said Mojang. “Due to the impact of Covid-19, Mojang Studios has postponed the Minecraft Festival until 2022 and will no longer participate in official community events. Until then, we will bring the party directly to your device and give you all of our usual goodies!”

Minecraft Live will take place online on October 3.

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