Millions of audiences from all over the world for “Het Kasteel” in the Eurovision Song Contest

Een tiny house van het Eurovisie Songfestival op Het Kasteel in het Sparta Stadion

In the Netherlands, “Het Kasteel” is known to many people, but this does not apply to all residents of this world. If it were up to the Eurovision Song Contest, that would change in May. The Football Club Sparta Stadium will play a prominent role in a video advertisement in the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam Ahoy.

The “castle” will pass in what is called Postcard From Australia, the country where the Eurovision Song Contest is very popular. It’s not entirely a coincidence that the Eurovision Song Contest team plays in “Het Kasteel”. Sparta Stadium was one of 750 entries to serve as a site in the postcard video. Additionally, Montaigne, the Australian entry, is a huge sports fanatic.

Watch the report below on the postcard video recording at Het Kasteel. The text continues below the video:

“It sounds a little strange, but in Australia the Eurovision Song Contest is very popular. Australia has been participating for about five years,” explains Eurovision editor Gerben Packer.

“Hey, is this a stadium?”

“Architecturally, I think it’s a private stadium,” Packer says of the unique setting. “A lot of people know that. Moreover, Het Kasteel is an iconic picture of Rotterdam. If you show it to people who are not familiar with this, their eyes will open. They wonder if it is a front for a football field.”

Usually, artists come to the country where the Eurovision Song Contest is held, but this is not an option due to the festoon procedures. So in the Netherlands, the organization is recording forty videos in which a “small house” can be viewed each time. In the case of “Het Kasteel”, this house is in the middle of the playing field and is decorated with all kinds of things for the participant.

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“Het Kasteel” is one of the sites that has already been advertised. Filming also took place at Het Westhoofd Lighthouse in Ouddorp. Bakker does not yet want and cannot determine other locations in our area that would appear in the postcard videos.

During the first semifinals of the Song Festival, on Tuesday 18 May, millions of people around the world will see entry into Australia. Or Sparta from that moment out more supporters Down Obtains? “I hope that!” Packer laughs.

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