Microsoft will bring all versions of OneNote with the same design and functionality

Microsoft will bring all versions of OneNote with the same design and functionality

Over the next 12 months, Microsoft is said to be releasing a series of updates aimed directly at OneNote’s Windows apps. The goal of this sudden and most active support initiative is to create a consistent user experience. Moreover, at the moment there are two different versions at once, which users, in turn, can use at their own discretion.

We’re talking about both the OneNote app installed with Office, as well as a special OneNote app for Windows 10, available for download in the Microsoft Store. And it’s important to note that as a result, the company wants consistency, because as the tech giant has already confirmed, Microsoft will update OneNote and add features to the version of Office that’s currently exclusive to its Windows 10 counterpart. And yes, the visual update is certain. It also won’t make you wait long.

It’s important to note that Microsoft originally intended to “kill” the OneNote app, and that was supposed to happen the same moment OneNote for Windows 10 was available. However, as you can see by now, the tech giant changed its plans, bringing the app to life. mentioned last year. Microsoft has also updated the note-taking software with a whole host of new features. Now, the tech giant itself claims that it will actually update OneNote, bringing brand-new visuals to both versions of the app, which it will share with other Windows apps, as part of Microsoft’s effort to ensure the upcoming Windows 11 debut. Smoother and more fun.

The unified OneNote app will also get long-awaited access to Microsoft’s latest pen and ink features, as well as a new navigation user interface layout. Also, don’t ignore the message that all those who are using the app already installed with Office don’t need to do anything except wait for the next updates to be released. Well, for all those who are using the version of OneNote for Windows 10, Microsoft will send them an invitation in the app itself to update.

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