OW addresses traffic safety in Suriname

OW pakt verkeersveiligheid in Suriname aan

The parking space and driveway in front of the MA Tausschool in Comissaris Weytinghweg contribute to road safety for students and local residents. This is one of the three pilot projects of the Ministry of Public Works (OW) to structurally address issues related to the policy focus on road safety in Suriname. Among other things, road safety will be taken care of in places such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

During the budget discussion, it was pointed out that the Ministry of Education has two political points of interest, namely sanitation and road safety. Three road safety pilot projects in Suriname will be implemented from the budget. MA Taus School is one of the three. “Because Commissioner Weyhtinghweg is very busy and tight, and this poses a danger to the school’s students, it has been decided to tackle the traffic situation here,” Minister Riad Noor Muhammad said. The Minister is again calling for a public-private partnership (PPP), so that a common contribution to road safety can be made in Suriname.

Betty Bhuende, Principal of MA Tausschool, expressed a word of thanks to the Minister on behalf of staff and students for the prompt response. Parents can now safely drop off their children in the spacious parking area and children can safely walk to and from school. The event was also attended by District Commissioner Suraksha Sital Herasinghe from Wanika Northwest. She is happy with this initiative. “In my administrative jurisdiction, I want all children to be safe on the basis that their parents feel that their children are safe at school.”

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The tape was cut by Minister Riaz Noor Muhammad in the company of DC Suraksha Sital-Hirasingh and School Principal Bhoendie. Oddly enough, today is the funeral of the person after whom the school is named, Muhammed Amanullah Taus, who for many years was the principal of MA Taus School.

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