Microsoft unveils the first preview, with changes to Paint

Microsoft unveils the first preview, with changes to Paint

Microsoft is advancing the next major update to Windows 10. The codename Cobalt officially appears.

Microsoft has released a file Builds For members of the Windows 10 Insider Program on Dev Channel. For the first time, this generic version is based on a new branch called ” Joint release An important step in achieving the Sun Valley major update expected by the end of the year.

The Cobalt Company

For several years, Microsoft has used the Periodic Table of Elements to map Windows updates, in order to follow the Azure team that has already made use of this agreement. Thus the company used codenames like Vanadium for Windows 19H2 and Vibranium for Windows 10 20H1. Vibranium is clearly not on the periodic table (you watch a lot of Marvel movies!), But that name was chosen to replace Chromium, thus avoiding confusion with the popular browser.

Looking ahead, the next update uses the codename Cobalt. The target was originally the beginning of 2021, but Microsoft has changed its development plans and will only release one major update this year, at the end of the year. Meanwhile, the company begins offering preview versions of the program. From the inside In dev channel. Arrival Builds21354 with a branch Joint release, Denotes the embodiment of this symbolic name and the upcoming acceleration of novelties in Builds .

Paint and Screenshot is available in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Paint is perhaps one of the most popular Windows built-in tools in the world. The free and basic photo editor will now integrate the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 so that the editor can provide regular updates.

Very old paint program

Very old paint program

The same is the case for the screen capture tool, as the program will be integrated with the “Screenshot and Drawing” app for Windows 10. They will be bundled together in the Microsoft Store, and once again, the company will be able to provide regular updates.

With these changes, Microsoft indicates that the Microsoft Paint program and screenshot tool will not be in the “Windows Accessories” folder on the “Start” menu. This folder will also be deleted, along with several others, to group them together in the new Windows Tools shortcut that will point to the File Explorer folder. The goal is to simplify the list of applications in the Start menu.

Better management of contrasts and webcams

2020 was marked by an increase in telecommuting and videoconferencing. To accompany all this, Microsoft added a new page dedicated to cameras in Windows 10 settings. On this new page, it will be possible to manage both traditional web cameras via USB, as well as IP surveillance cameras.

A fairly new and practical way to adjust the brightness or contrast of your photo, especially to check the camera connection.

Windows 10 settings also welcome a new option for displaying with “CABC” or “Adaptive content brightness controlMicrosoft describes this option as improving laptop battery life with compromises in image quality. It’s a matter of adjusting contrasts on the fly to consume less power. Obviously, if you are doing creative work or editing a video or photo, this could have an impact on your work So the option is there to solve this problem.

this isBuildsAvailable for download now. Cobalt update development is expected to accelerate in the coming weeks with more new features.

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