Sydney gets an “incredibly narrow” skyscraper from Durbach Block Jaggers

Sydney gets an "incredibly narrow" skyscraper from Durbach Block Jaggers

Durbach Block Jaggers describes the tower as a “sky-scratching” rather than a “skyscraper” because the building is too narrow to be considered a skyscraper. The 100-meter high tower will come downtown Sydney is located on a site on Pitt Street, which is barely 6.4 meters wide along the side of the street.

The hotel will have 173 rooms with six suites on each floor. The tower is based on a seven-storey building that includes a foyer, coffee shop and lounge. The tower is crowned with a health area on the upper floors that opens to a balcony.

Column construction

According to the designers, the slender skyscraper thus assumed the appearance of a column resting on a pedestal, crowned by a crown. The stage denotes the adjacent façades at street level, while the tower is given a modern feel and the luxury is covered by a vaulted roof with a tiled roof that can be seen from the street and into the entire city.

The building will be constructed largely without cranes due to site restrictions. While the theater will be built with traditional concrete pillars and panels, the upper floors will be constructed with steel formwork that will become part of the permanent structure.

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