Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Android 12L validated and tested with Windows 11

Microsoft Surface Duo 2: Android 12L wird validiert, mit Windows 11 experimentiert
Photo: The WOA Project (Gustave Muncie)

While Microsoft is currently validating Android 12L for the Surface Duo 2, which was released in March and is a version of Android 12 adapted specifically for large-screen foldable smartphones and tablets, the WOA project is already trialling the desktop operating system Windows 11 on Phone. Smartphone Dual Screen Phablet.

Android 12L and Windows 11 for Surface Duo 2

after this Windows Central Reporting on Thursday that Microsoft is in the process of validating Android 12L for the Surface Duo 2, a WOA project led by developer Gustave Monce has now managed to convince Windows 11 to run on a dual-screen foldable smartphone for the first time and corresponding installation instructions have been published, which are still aimed at experts. clearly.

Surface Duo 2 with Windows 11
Surface Duo 2 with Windows 11 (Photo: WOA Project (Gustave Monce))

While the project has already successfully brought the operating system to the first generation of the Surface Duo and is currently still working on the latest missing functionality and product maintenance, the Surface Duo 2’s status can currently still be categorized as highly experimental.

  • Windows 11 on Surface Duo Installation Guide
  • Windows 11 on Surface Duo 2 Installation Guide

On the second-generation Surface Duo 2 with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (test), Windows 11 for Arm64 currently runs at a clock rate of 2.84GHz on only one core, but could increase significantly in terms of single-core performance.

single core performance
Single core performance (Photo: WOA Project (Gustave Monce))

The WOA project documents and publishes the current status of development regarding the installation of Windows 11 specially adapted for Surface Duo and Surface Duo 2 on the project’s official website for the GitHub developer platform.

development status
  • Microsoft Surface Duo – Progress: 76.5%
  • Microsoft Surface Duo 2 – Progress: – *

*) Still classified as beta!

With the Lumia WOA project, Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL with specially modified versions of Windows 11 for Arm, which, as in all other cases, require custom firmware are also considered.

In his latest tweet, the developer provides information on the project’s full specifications and links to the latest installation instructions for the Surface Duo and Duo 2.

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