Microsoft Store will only cut its developer fee to 12%


Although Valve is the most popular PC video game store, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store They go out of their way to compete directly against the behemoth behind games like half life. right Now, Today it was revealed that Microsoft Store will cut its fees by 30% for developers.

In a recent statement, Matt Booty, president of Xbox Game Studios, revealed that, as of August 1, Microsoft Store will cut its fees from 30% to 12% for all developers Who decided to publish their games on this virtual platform. This is what was commented on on the matter:

“Game developers are at the heart of delivering great games to our players and we want them to be successful on our platforms. Clear and unrestricted profit sharing means that developers can bring more games to more players and achieve greater commercial success by doing so.”

These changes will only affect PC games and not the Xbox console titles in the Microsoft Store. This decision is nothing new to this platform, as the Epic Games Store offers similar treatment to developers. on the other side, Steam continues to charge a 30% fee to all studios that want to post a game to their virtual store.

It will be interesting to see if this decision will make more developers choose to publish exclusive games on the Microsoft Store. Although Steam is still the most popular platform on PC by gamers, Microsoft and Epic Games are doing their best to attract more developers Thus competing with titles that can only be achieved with them.

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