Microsoft no longer allows passwords to be used in its services, that’s how it works

Microsoft no longer allows passwords to be used in its services, that's how it works

Microsoft just announced that it now allows it Stop using our passwords to access different services From the company such as Outlook, OneDrive and other applications. Starting today, all users using their platforms will be able to sign in with Microsoft Authenticator, Windows Hello, a security key, or verification code by SMS or even by email. Instead of our traditional password, the novelty will be completed within the next few weeks.

These alternatives come after the job was Enabled for commercial users since MarchWith the aim of making life easier for people who work remotely. The feature is not new, like Microsoft has been working in a password-free future for years The pandemic has helped speed up this process.

With this action, the company defines the next step in its software, first enabling security keys in 2018 and then the option to enter Windows 10 without requiring a password in 2019.

This is what you need to do to say goodbye to your password

To enjoy the login without a password, we will need to follow these steps: First get app de Microsoft Authenticator On our cell phone and Connect it to us Personal. Then we will have to visit, go to “Advanced security options” and from there enable “Account without password” in the “Additional security” section, after which we must select “Activate”.

security options

Once these steps are performed, we will have to follow the on-screen instructions and Authorization from the notification that will reach the application, with which we can say goodbye to having to enter the password in the future, though We can always reverse the change To do this the traditional way.

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More secure account access without passwords

Although it seems paradoxical, with this Microsoft Seeks to improve security at logins, since the vast majority of users reuse their same passwords for practicality and increasingly detailed requirements regarding which characters to include. This makes Remembering them is not an easy task, allowing attackers to hack multiple accounts after hacking an organization.


As a justification for this action, Microsoft states that it has found in its surveys that 15% of people prefer it Use the names of your pets To generate keys or names of family members and even important dates. Additionally, 10% admitted using the same password On the same sites 40% claimed to have used a “modified” password such as Fall2021, then later changed to Winter2021 or Spring2022.

Besides Microsoft, there are other companies like Google and Apple too Allow access to accounts without entering a passwordChrome status, Passkeys feature on iOS and macOS, like attempts to get more secure logins.

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