Micron i400: The first 1.5TB microSD card for video

Micron i400: Die erste microSD-Karte mit 1,5 TB für Videos

Micron has increased the maximum storage capacity of microSD memory cards, increasing it from the previous 1 TB to 1.5 TB, and thus by 50 percent. In keeping with the presentation at the world trade fair Embedded, however, the product is not aimed at amateur filmmakers but at businesses.

mainly for “Industrial video securityAccording to the company, Micron . ownsThe world’s first 1.5TB microSD card“Designed. This is what the new i400 series memory card was like”Ideal for video storage and mixed VSaaS deploymentsFit. For example, the manufacturer cites use in small businesses, which can save bandwidth due to less frequent need to outsource (video) data to the cloud. Higher storage capacity is especially useful in remote locations such as cargo ships or oil rigs.

Five years of consecutive recordings

According to Micron, the i400 microSD should have 1.5TB of storage”Five years of 24/7 recording“Survives; a suitable bit rate is provided. On the other hand, traditional memory cards are offered to end users only”Limited ability to writeWhether the i400 actually survives more writing cycles than consumer products remains unproven at this time.

Micron i400 microSD 1.5 TB (Photo: Micron)

Flash memory uses a layer of 176 microns; It is still unclear whether it is a variant of TLC or QLC.

Micron on i400 microSD with 1.5 TB:
  • Five years of 24/7 recording
  • Simultaneous processing of 4K video recordings and up to eight AI events per second, for example object recognition and classification such as license plate or face recognition
  • An average of two million hours before failure


The i400 follows in the footsteps of the i300 series, which was also designed primarily for industrial video surveillance and was introduced at the end of 2019 with up to 1TB of storage (96 layers QLC).

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More storage volume and more warranty

According to Micron, the i400 series has an extended warranty of three to five years and the higher model has a capacity of 1.5 TB on the i300 series. New memory cards support A2, U3 and Class 10 speed classes. A minimum sequential write speed of 30MB/s is required for U3. The i400 with 128 GB drops off the U1 line (at least 10 MB/s).

Basic data for i400 microSD memory cards
Basic data of the i400 microSD memory cards (Photo: Micron)

What does the competition do?

Samsung and Western Digital also designed their series of memory cards specifically for video recording in the corporate segment, but they still lag behind Micron in terms of storage size. Samsung calls the cards Pro Endurance microSD, and Western Digital calls them WD Purple microSD.

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