Mexico’s mobile registry went into effect today

Mexico's mobile registry went into effect today

Mexico: This Saturday, April 17th, the decree of National Register of Mobile Phone Users In Mexico, which requires phone users to provide personal information to companies that provide this service, this includes biometric data such as fingerprints, tone of voice, facial recognition and iris.

With this, mobile phone users are obligated to hand over personal information and thus keep their lines active, which will be suspended if they are reused.

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The Federal Institute for Communications IFT companies must provide all the information they collect from users in order to integrate the new national registry of mobile phone users.

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With the creation of the National Register of Mobile Phone Users, 124 million users in the country are required to register their vital data and provide personal information, otherwise their line will be permanently canceled and they will have to pay a fine of 89 thousand. 692 pesos.

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According to the new law on the National Register of Mobile Phone Users approved by the Senate of the Republic, every new line that is being activated or already in use must report the following:

  • Mobile Phone Number.
  • The date and time the phone line was activated.
  • The full name of the user or the company name in the case of legal entities.
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) or official identification number with photo of the user.
  • The domicile or address of the owner of the line.
  • Data of the telecommunications franchise holder.
  • Telephone lines contracting scheme (prepaid or postpaid)
  • Biometric data: fingerprints, irises, facial features, voice tone, DNA and signature.

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Both biometric and line owner information will be incorporated into the National Mobile User Registry, which will be installed, operated, and regulated by the Federal Institute for Communications (IFT).

Senators and President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) emphasized that the reform aims to ensure the safety of users, in addition to preventing crimes such as fraud, kidnapping, identity theft and extortion.

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