Metro Exodus, an optimized version for PC to bring Nvidia and AMD GPUs to their knees

Metro Exodus, an optimized version for PC to bring Nvidia and AMD GPUs to their knees

In November last year 4a games, Series developer Metro, By guaranteeing landing on Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S during this year as a free update is able to take full advantage of the new consoles. In these hours, the developers decided to take everyone on the counterattack by adding more meat to the fire: Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition!

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition: All-new release with DLSS 2.0

Metro Exodus was one of the first games to support ray tracing on PC, but now technology that allows better reproduction of reflections, shadows and lighting effects has made its way into the world of consoles with Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, and this led to 4A games.Radically revision of the 4A engine Realizing our ambitions for a full ray tracing experience on next-generation consoles and high-end computers. “

The developers have revamped the rendering engine from top to bottom. Development of an “all-ray tracer” lighting pipeline With lots of improvements, updates and new features for global illumination, tracked infrared and emission lighting, in addition to all ‘Temporary Reconstruction’ technology to ‘increase fidelity, visual detail and performance’ To take the latest GPUs from Nvidia and AMD to the max.

PC version optimizedIt would require a GPU capable of handling ray tracing as a minimum specificationIt would be a separate version, not a minor patch for a game we all know: nevertheless it would be presented As an add-on for all computer players, so you don’t need to purchase it. Also new in this release is support DLSS 2.0Very useful (on Nvidia GPUs) to maintain high performance while maintaining high image quality and active ray tracing.

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The PC Enhanced Edition will be downloadable by those who have purchased Metro Exodus from the Epic Games Store, Steam, and GoG.During the spring“.

Metro Exodus is also available on Mac and Linux

4A Games is also preparing to access systems with macOS and Linux, More precisely the version Mac You will access the Mac App Store, Steam, and Epic Games Store March, While that Linux soon after that on Steam.

Metro Exodus su PS5 e Xbox Series X: 4K, 60fps

Last but not least, Metro Exodus’It will work at 4K @ 60fps with full ray tracing illumination on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X4A Games made the most of the new consoles’ SSDs, thereby reducing loading times, and worked on 4K textures and on some of the specific features of the new consoles: spatial audio and reduced console latency on Xbox, and support for DualSense features Haptic on the PS5. For Xbox Series S, the developers are aiming for 1080p With all the previously mentioned features, however Frame rate “not yet defined”.

Finally, work is underway to improve the title, including the ability to change FOV (Field of View), a first in the Metro series. As for the availability of these versions, we are talking about “Later this yearAs a free update (Smart Delivery on Xbox) for all game owners.

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