Meta in the US sued for collecting patient data via tracking pixels


A US tech company, Meta, has been sued for collecting sensitive medical information via tracking pixels without patients’ consent. An American hospital and a health care provider are also part of the collective claim filed now. Via tracking pixels, Meta can collect all kinds of information about website visitors in order to rank them and display targeted ads on Facebook.

According to the collective claim, Meta-pixel was found on the websites of 33 of the 100 most well-known hospitals in the United States. In seven cases, the meta-pixel was active on a password-protected patient portal. The complainants argue that their privacy was violated as a result, because they did not give permission to collect the data (pdf).

For example, Meta may receive information about patients’ medical problems via pixels. This sensitive medical information was then used for targeted advertising. The complainants state that they have suffered damages as a result of Meta’s invasion of their privacy and are entitled to monetary compensation. This collective claim follows reports from The Markup that Facebook receives all kinds of sensitive information via the Meta-pixel, including prescription medications and doctor appointments.

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