Did Trump bury his ex-wife Ivana on the golf course to avoid taxes?

Did Trump bury his ex-wife Ivana on the golf course to avoid taxes?

Ivana Trump’s funeral at St. Vincent Ferrer’s Roman Catholic Church in New York, Wednesday.AP . image

For years, and especially since 2007, Trump has wanted to create a cemetery at his golf club in New Jersey. Because it is a beautiful piece of land, Trump once said about the place, as the place was cleared to him and his relatives after they died. But US media and critics believe there is another reason behind the Trump National Golf Club Cemetery in Bedminster, which opened last month.

Duty Free Cemetery

The cemetery may mean that the former president has to pay lower taxes to his golf club in New Jersey. In the United States, cemeteries are exempt from all taxes, fees, and assessments by law. Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, was the first person to be buried at the cemetery, having died last month at the age of 73 after falling from the stairs.

New Jersey law states that you do not have to pay taxes on a plot of land on which a cemetery is located. So Ivana Trump’s resting place is a tax credit for Trump,” said journalist Phoebe Wall Howard of USA Today.

sad piece of land

Brock Harrington, a tax expert and professor at Dartmouth University, agrees. “I was skeptical of the rumors that Trump was going to bury his ex-wife in that sad patch of dirt at Bedminster Golf Course in New Jersey just for the tax benefits. And so I took a look at the New Jersey tax code, folks, it’s triple tax avoidance. Real estate and income taxes All sales are cancelled.

According to Harrington, the law does not specify how many people must be buried in order to qualify for the tax credit. This means that only Ivana’s grave is enough to get rid of taxes. Incidentally, this tax benefit does not apply to the entire golf club. It is not clear how much benefit the cemetery will bring.

Trump has yet to respond to the new allegations. This isn’t the first time the former president has been accused of tax evasion. His accounts are still under investigation.

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