Messenger enables end-to-end encryption in messages Find out who made the screenshot

The Facebook Messenger application provides a number of great features that millions of users around the world are looking for recently, especially with regard to the ability to encrypt conversations with another party for confidentiality and privacy, and it also allowed users to tell when someone filmed their messages from their chats, which is The so-called “screenshot” of secret messenger conversations and informing the account holder of it.

Find out who made the screenshot

The app explained that if you hide messages in end-to-end encrypted chats, and if someone takes a screenshot of it or a screenshot, you will be notified by showing verified account badges in end-to-end encrypted chats. In addition to the ability to save any video clip or image that you receive by pressing it for a long time, or edit a video clip or image before sending it.

Messenger enables end-to-end encryption in messages  Find out who did the screenshot 1 28/1/2022 - 4:56 PM

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Encrypting secret chats

Meta, the owner of the Facebook and Messenger application, has allowed end-to-end encryption of conversations, meaning that reading those chats and messages will be available to you and that you only communicate with him, knowing that this feature is optional that you can subscribe to and not mandatory, and it requires activating the news of distinguishing the encryption feature from one end to tip in the application.

Protect your messages in the Messenger app
Messenger enables end-to-end encryption in messages Find out who made the screenshot

How to encrypt conversations

You can activate the option to encrypt the chat with a person or entity by opening the application through your mobile phone, then go to the menu and open a private conversation that is encrypted from end to end. Limited to end-to-end encrypted one-to-one chats and conference calls, providing you with more confidential and secure conversations.

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