Descendants of the last Italian king demand the return of their crown jewels | abroad

Descendants of the last Italian king demand the return of their crown jewels |  abroad

The crown jewels are estimated to be worth 300 million euros. Among the jewels are brooches, earrings, tiaras and necklaces studded with 2,000 pearls and more than 6,700 glittering pieces.


Royal family lawyer Sergio Orlandi is convinced to return the jewels. After all, in 1946, when they were transferred, it is reported in writing that they were placed in the safe at the disposal of the legitimate claimants. These jewelers are the jewelers, and thus the royal family. The jewels were not officially confiscated by the Italian state, but only kept.

Diamond tiara from Queen Marie Jose.

Diamond tiara from Queen Marie Jose.

In 1946, Italians voted in a referendum to abolish the Italian royal family. King Victor Emmanuel III had the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in the saddle, never holding him back until his downfall on July 25, 1943 in Rome, and signed the racial laws against the Jews. His last attempt to win the referendum by abdicating the throne and proposing his son Umberto II as a new king was unsuccessful. Like the male descendants, this person was banned from Italy. This ban was not lifted until 2002.


Umberto II’s son, Victor Emmanuel IV, had jewelry at his disposal with his three sisters. It is not undisclosed. Accused in 1978 of murdering a German boy on an island below Corsica, in 1997 he stated that his grandfather’s racist laws against Jews were not bad (which he later corrected) and was suspected of corruption, money laundering and recruiting prostitutes, although he was later acquitted. His son, Emmanuel Filiberto, is in a better position.

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