Mercedes comes to Australian Grand Prix with new rear wing and floor upgrades

Mercedes comes to Australian Grand Prix with new rear wing and floor upgrades

Mercedes is coming up with a new rear wing for the W13 for the Australian Grand Prix this weekend. Mark Hughes wrote it on Formula 1 official website† The famous motorsport journalist is also based on several other updates to the vehicle.

The English says that there are also updates on the next word. The first updates will be as part of a development program to unleash the true potential of W13. Mercedes sees it not being fully used yet, which is why updates are the only solution to reconnecting to the top teams Ferrari and Red Bull Racing.

Mercedes is looking for solutions to porpoises

However, updates will only count as a first step, because to solve the aerodynamics problems in the W13, Mercedes will have to dig much deeper. Especially graduation He collides with the reigning Constructors’ Champion. Because of this phenomenon of bouncing back at high speeds, the Silver Arrows have to put the car in a much higher position to contend with.

This in turn ensures that downforce is lost and the car is much slower on the straights, because a higher car generates more air resistance. The rear wing generating less downforce was already being driven in Jeddah, but it wasn’t perfect yet and wasn’t ready in time for the first race in Bahrain. In Australia, Mercedes will again come up with such a rear spoiler – one that is completely ready for use.

Mercedes may also come with updates to the W13 floor, but Hughes isn’t revealing what the updates could be. The journalist does not exclude the possibility of completely redesigning the floor to meet the problems of aerodynamics. In any case, it won’t happen before the Australian Grand Prix. When does the question remain?

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