Meanwhile in F1 | Frustrated by the postponement of the GP Australia championship, McLaren writes a message to fans

Meanwhile in F1 |  Frustrated by the postponement of the GP Australia championship, McLaren writes a message to fans

Among all the important news, some things can be missed during the Grand Prix weekend. Do not worry, F1 Max Keeps you informed of all the nonsense from the Formula 1 world in the “Simultaneously in …” section.

Frustrated by the postponement of the GP Australia championship, McLaren writes a message to fans

McLaren has a message for Australian Formula 1 fans. The team says they are disappointed that fans will not be able to admire Daniel Ricciardo in the papaya-colored car in March. “But we hope to see you in November when the situation is safe enough for you to be able to race there again,” the team said in a post on Instagram.

Alonso trains in the snow

Fernando Alonso spends some time in the snow in Spain. Lately a lot of snow has fallen in the country, causing a city like Madrid to pause. In any case, the driver enjoys it and continues to train hard on the ice.

My year streamers start well and dive into the gym

While most Formula 1 drivers enjoy their well-deserved vacation, Pierre Gasly is already busy training. The Frenchman won one race with AlphaTauri in 2020 and will undoubtedly do everything he can to do it again in 2021. This year Gasly will be staged alongside Yuki Tsunoda, who is making his Formula 2 debut.

Bottas presents a helmet for the Lapland Arctic Rally

Valtteri Bottas introduced his Twitter helmet in which he will compete in the Arctic Lapland Rally. The helmet features a snowy background with Finnish initials “VB”. The design of the helmet was designed by girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell.

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Ricardo poses with the company’s first car

Daniel Ricciardo driving for McLaren in Formula 1 this year has already received a car from the company. The Australian posts a photo on Instagram standing next to his new official car. One thing is for sure: with such a car, he will not be late for his destination.

The Eau Rouge turns into a ski slope due to snowfall

The famous Eau Rouge corner at the Spa Franchorchamps rink looks more like a skating ramp today. Due to the heavy snowfall in the region in Belgium, there is a lot of snow to ski on. Hill hill climb racing car will now be very difficult.

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Raikkonen builds a new family member in the snow

Kimi Raikkonen expanded his family on Tuesday in the snow. He built a big snowman in his backyard. He wrote on his Instagram page, “The Third Brother.”

Bottas drifted around the corner in the snow with a rally car

Valtteri Bottas previously showed a number of photos of him riding in the snow, but now he shares a video. Finn can be seen in a snowmobile rally. In addition, the Mercedes driver leaves a large cloud of drifting snow behind for the photographer. Bottas clearly loves to tear corners.

Grogan’s hand is totally out of context: “Happy Peter!”

It appears Roman Grossgen is completely out of context, as he appears on Twitter. The French race driver suffered burns from a serious crash in Bahrain, but is now at a standstill. Grosjean shares a photo showing both hands and says his cat Peter is very happy with it.

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AlphaTauri shares a photo of cars from the factory

Usually, AlphaTauri offers tours of the team’s factory, but current coronavirus standards don’t allow that. Alternatively, the same team is offering a look at the factory, as both cars are still covered in cloth. Fans are not allowed to see the cars yet, as they have yet to be revealed.

Bottas sets off once again on a rampage adventure in Lapland

Valtteri Bottas continues his annual tradition of participating in the Arctic Lapland Rally Challenge ahead of the Formula 1 season in 2021. The Finnish driver, who, unlike Lewis Hamilton, is under contract with Mercedes F1 for next season, will take part in the event in the Cold North in a Citroën C3 WRC. With a car sponsored by Nola, he will participate in a number of rallies that will be announced this year.

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Ricardo ascends the Hollywood sign in California

Daniel Ricciardo is spending his vacation in California. An Australian McLaren driver posts a photo on Instagram of a mountain view in Hollywood, but he’s also joking about where he is. He wrote “The Big Apple, Wow.” So he just has to go to the other side of the United States.

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