mbX | Westfield Mall Netherlands

mbX |  Westfield Mall Netherlands
The Leidsenhage shopping center will be transformed into the ‘Mall of the Netherlands’ retail icon. The largest and coolest shopping center in the Netherlands. The front design is as flexible as a silk scarf. This new mall is covered with an area of ​​10,000 square meters2 Ready HPC interface elements.

Interface veil
The iconic voile façade is an exterior on all sides of double curved concrete shells (HPC), as the mall offers an iconic gesture towards its surroundings. What is striking about the building is the 12-meter-high cantilevered canopy at the main entrance. All facade components are connected to the voile facade and as a whole forms the thermocouple.

Parametric modeling (PM)
The challenge was to uniquely engineer over 900 items within interdisciplinary requirements. The Department of Architecture was created with PM. This ensures engineering efficiency, control over element geometry and direct feedback to requirements. By converting the 3D design into a parametric model, it was possible to determine the most efficient method of production. All available data and relationships are included in this.

Flexible templates
Part of the production method is the flexible mold technology, by which unique mold parts can be created. Partly for this reason, we have the opportunity to create design freedom in production. A large part of the production consists of unique items. This design would not have been possible without the current state of digital technology.

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